Comfort Support Testimonials

  • Annette T

    “Wow! Seriously, wow! When I first laid down I thought maybe I would ask if I could try a support roll that was a little smaller, because it did put a little pressure right where my CPAP comes on my chin, but I soon settled right down and slept like a rock. I did get up once in the night, but was able to settle back down easily again. And my shoulder doesn't hurt”

  • Farm Bureau Agency

    "Kamree has said that she has gotten a deeper sleep and actually has noticed she's been dreaming more which was interesting.

    Shelly, who usually tosses and turns, doesn't get up as much during the night. We all really like how soft it is as well!

    I have a hard time sleeping right now because of the pregnancy but have noticed it has made it easier.

    Troy also likes it a lot, when he does get the sleep he says he likes the neck support as he had a habit of sleeping on his arm and having trouble getting comfortable.

    Overall it's a success with us!”

  • Kim S

    "I think you are really on to something here.  I have been sleeping with the pillow for a little over 2 weeks.  The pain in my neck and between my shoulder blades has diminished significantly and continues to improve since sleeping with the pillow.  I sense I am sleeping more soundly and do not have pain when I roll over that would wake me up before. This really is a great product for me!"

  • Stan P

    “My wife Sarah said the pillow helped quite a bit. Her shoulder used to hurt at night, causing her to wake up and turn over. Now that happens much less.”

  • J C

    "My 3 year old wants my pillow, she says it’s fluffy and puts her head in the perfect spot to watch tv and take naps.”

  • Kenny B

    "This pillow helps secure my neck. I don't toss and turn anymore and I get a restful night's sleep!"

  • Sidney H

    “Ever since my wife started sleeping on this pillow, her snoring has measurably decreased in loudness and frequency.”

  • Fred C

    "I haven't seen a miraculous change, but it's worked very nicely for me. The biggest thing I’ve noticed is my neck isn’t as stiff when I wake up."

  • Dr. Hendricks Chiropractor

    “The most correct sleeping position is supine (on back) and this pillow comfortably provides cervical lordosis (proper neck curve).”

  • Jessie C

    "Well, I’m not giving it back! I didn’t wake up once last night so that was amazing, and my neck doesn’t hurt so that’s nice!”

  • Matt R

    “My neck has felt great ever since sleeping on it!”

  • Rita P

    "I have to tell you that not only I don't want to wake up, and sleep longer I am starting dreaming a lot, which I didn't do for long time."

  • Judy B (PHD)

    “Before I slept on the pillow I would wake up with a stiff neck and tension knots in the back of my neck. The first morning after I slept on the pillow, I woke with a supple neck and no knots. When I do my neck rolls there is no cracking and my neck feels much better. ”

  • Dave S

    “I'm a fan!  I switched back to my old pillow for a night and still was restless.  So it wasn't the pillow. Since then I've slept great and really like the constant neck support.  I almost wish the neck roll was even thicker, larger diameter.”

  • Mike B

    “The pillow is amazing. I do feel like having one of those 'bars' on both sides would make it better for me. But, I love the softness and ply-ability. It did a nice job of helping my neck not hurt, but my shoulder still struggles, but I think that's just by having my arm up over my head I guess. But, I really like the softness of the material in it and having that bar snug under my neck is awesome.”

  • Anna S

    “I found a pillow that has truly amazed me with its comfort and incredible ability to relieve my TMJ. I have suffered with TMJ for about 15 years and as it has progressed the only answer for relief that I could get from my doctor was to take pain medication and eventually have surgery and replace the hinges in my jaw. I decided there had to be something better. When I started using the Luxury Sleep Gear Pillow I noticed that I was not waking up and running for Tylenol or walking the floor. I have been using the pillow for the last 6 months and because now I have the proper support on the back of my neck I can roll over from side to side and have the support that I need. This pillow has made a tremendous difference in the amount of quality sleep I get at night. It is definitively the best and only pillow I want to sleep on.”

  • Steve M

    “From my perspective I like both the fill and the tubular piece. I haven't had to fluff up the pillow at all even when I turn from one side to the other. I've been happy with it so far. My wife's feedback is that she likes not having to fluff up the pillow. I've noticed that she can sleep on her back too...which she has never done. I think I'm sleeping better on this than with my "Mypillow". I thought the size would be a problem being a regular size and not a king size like my bed. But, since I don't have to adjust it when I turn to my other side, it has not been a problem at all. I've been very satisfied so far."

  • Kyle B

    “It’s much better to sleep on than my arm. I ended up sleeping in pretty hard tho. You were right, the pillow made it so I stopped cuddling another pillow. My girlfriend is obsessed with it. I think she likes it more than she likes me. Last night she said “my pillow, oh how I’ve missed you” when she went to bed. I don’t think she’s ever missed me that much!”

  • Jennifer R

    “I'm sleeping really well.  I put the larger support in and its been good. Like I said before, I'm not really aware of the support, but I am sleeping better than I was , I'm presuming it's the pillow to thank for it.  So far so good”

  • Erik N

    "After night 1 I slept great! I didn't get up at all during the night and didn't move for that matter. I normally toss and turn during the night, and honestly didn't move a muscle..that I'm aware of. This morning my neck feels great and I feel like I slept very well.  Another added benefit that I noticed was I usually use my nasal spray at least once a night, and being I didn't get up, I didn't use it at all. Not to mention, I could breath perfectly when I did wake up, which could be the angle my neck was positioned at."

  • Casady B - Founder's daughter

    “Love it! I got my ex husband back, won a free car, and got a 2 dollar raise at work! Much better than playing a Country song backwards!”

  • Robbie H

    “I want to let you know how much I am enjoying the cervical support I received from Luxury Sleep Gear.  I have a mild form of scoliosis and a high arch in my lower back.  I use a large, firm pillow at home.  Since I travel about 30% of the time, I get to experience all types and sizes of pillows in the hotels.   The firm, foam pillow works best for me.  When we initially added the cervical support, (Comfort Choice with soft support) we thought would work best, it did not have the impact that your other customers received.  However, after trying the bigger, firmer one you recommended, (medium support) I have noticed that I sleep better at home and have less back pain.  I don’t understand how the support at the neck level helps my back, but it does!”

  • Anna P

    "I had a bad car accident when I was a teenager. The support in the pillow helps to relax my neck so I sleep better."

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