Developing a new pillow.

The Comfort Support line was named after its patented design.  A pillow that supports your head in luxurious comfort while providing needed neck support.  The design was conceived by one of the founders after waking often with a stiff, sore or kinked neck. 

One solution provided by the chiropractor was to use a specially designed neck support pillow, like the one below.

 Uncomfortable cervical pillow

These pillows do what they were designed to do, provide needed neck support.  This support however, comes with a high cost.  Most are hard, odd shaped and only work if you stay on your back all night.  You are left with the choice of no sleep or a stiff neck. 

The picture below demonstrates another common issue the founders desired to resolve.  The endless search for a pillow you can love!

Large stack of pillow

During the 14-month development period, friends and family slept on the developing design and provided valuable feedback.  What was found in the process amazed us.  Not only were individuals waking up with more relaxed neck and shoulder muscles, they were also sleeping deeper, longer, dreaming more and in one extreme case, relieving TMJ pain. 

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At first look, the pillow below doesn't look different and this is on purpose.  The following pictures and information will show you how unique it really is!


The pillow is designed with two compartments.  One compartment holds fill that supports your head and another smaller compartment along the bottom edge holds a patented cylinder shaped support for your neck.  The head support compartment is filled with one of the most luxurious man made fills available.  Polysilk® is hypoallergenic, feels soft like down but is more supportive.

The smaller neck support compartment is accessed with a zipper.  This compartment allows for changing out the support to configure to your preference, or to replace as needed.  Here is a picture of the support.

The following picture helps demonstrate how the pillow works.  Staci is in the side sleeping position with the neck support tucked comfortably under her neck.  (The support is outlined.)  Notice that the support is flexible enough to adapt to her unique neck shape and firm enough to provide needed support.

Staci side sleeping position with cervical support outlined

Below is a short video introduction to the Comfort Support pillow.

During the development process, as we spent time in people's homes, we learned a number of valuable lessons.

1) The pillow is amazing in the back sleeping position.  We learned, from multiple chiropractors that we worked with, that this is the preferred sleeping position for optimum spinal health.  Many found that sleeping on their back became more comfortable thanks to the neck support and were then able to spend more time sleeping in this position. 

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2) The pillow is also very comfortable in the side sleeping position.  This is due to the fact that the neck support extends the entire length of the pillow.  You can roll from one side of the pillow to the other and the support is there for you.  Waking up to rearrange your pillows is a thing of the past!

3) The neck support is not intended for the stomach sleeper.  For those that spend time sleeping on their back, side and stomach, the neck support can be flipped up to the top before moving onto the stomach.  We also suggest this trick if it is taking time getting used to sleeping with a neck support.

4) For individuals that are sleeping well before using a Comfort Support pillow, the change can be subtle but very effective.  This was demonstrated by a number of users who's appreciation came after sleeping without a Comfort Support for a night or two.

5) For the person that just loves the pillow they have, we found adding neck support makes your pillow even better.  To provide needed support for these sleepers, we patented a product called Comfort Choice.  Comfort Choice is our two compartment case where an existing pillow can be combined with our neck support. 

Check out Comfort Choice here!

If you have questions on how our products may help you sleep better, please see our FAQs, or send us a note on our Contact page.