Pillow Sizing Help

Sizing a pillow isn't by any means a perfect science.  The size and weight of our head, the bed we sleep on and the position we sleep in all affect the compressed height of the pillow we are laying on.

On average our heads weigh between 9 to 12 lbs.  However, only about 80% of our head weight will compress our pillow.  The chart below is based on 8 - 10 lbs. of pillow compression weight.  The compressed column estimates how high your head will rest off the bed when laying on the pillow.



 Loft Weight



Suggested Support
Comfort Plus
Travel High (1 lbs 3 oz) 6 in 3.5 - 3.25 in Medium
Travel Medium (1 lbs 0 oz) 4.5 in 2.5 - 2 in Soft
Standard Ex High (2 lbs 11 oz) 7.75 in 4.25 - 4 in Medium
Standard High (2 lbs 8 oz) 7.5 in 4 - 3.75 in Medium
Standard Medium (2 lbs 5 oz) 7 in 4 - 3.5 in Soft
Standard Low (2 lbs 2 oz) 6.5 in 3 - 2.75 in Soft
Standard Ex Low (1 lb 15 oz) 6 in 2.5 - 2 in Soft


The best way to size a pillow is to use your current pillow as a starting point.

  • Would you prefer your next pillow to be the same, higher or lower in loft than your existing pillow? 
  • Can you measure how high off the bed your head is when sleeping on your existing pillow?

The following guidance below could be of value in your selection and comes from working closely with individuals that are currently sleeping on a Comfort Plus pillow.

  • Stomach sleepers, or individuals who are trying to move from stomach to back normally prefer Low or Ex Low.
  • Back sleepers, or individuals that spend the majority of time on their back, normally prefer Low or Medium.
  • Side sleepers, individuals spending the majority of time on their side, prefer Medium or High.
  • Stackers, individuals that stack pillows to get higher loft normally prefer High, and in some rarer cases, Ex High.