We are in business to bring together products that we have either designed or found that are helpful in supporting better sleep.

We are a couple (Mark and Ranae) who have come to appreciate the importance of sleep! We have combined Mark’s 30 years in Corporate America with Ranae’s talent for aesthetics and comfort to develop and bring to market a pillow that is both comfortable and supportive.

Our products are proudly made in the USA?

We use Organic 350 thread count cotton, foam, and batting. Our fill is PolySilk®, an excellent down alternative.

We do not add any chemicals or fire retardant during the manufacturing process.

Our cervical pillows have several qualities that make them unique. First, our pillows are made from materials that are comfortable. We use a luxurious down alternative fill. It is soft yet holds its shape. Second, we add a comfortable, yet supportive, cervical support. Third, the cervical support is interchangeable and replaceable. You can increase or decrease the cervical support as needed. And it can be replaced in the event it wears out, without needing to replace the whole pillow.

There is considerable research showing that tight neck muscles and poor neck curve,
especially in our current society of cell phones, have a negative effect on our health and breathing. Our cervical pillow, when used while sleeping in the back position, helps promote the proper neck curve. The following links may help in your research:



YES! The Comfort Plus pillow was designed for comfort! By combining Organic cotton, PolySilk® fill, and cervical supports made with foam and batting, we have created a very comfortable pillow that still gives the needed support.

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Currently we manufacture a standard size pillow. We have multiple loft sizes along with two cervical support sizes. For more information on sizing, please see:


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You will find that the pillow works best if the cervical support stays between your head and shoulders, centered on your neck. Then close your eyes, enjoy the neck support, and drift off to sleep!

This depends widely on the user. In general, most people will wish to replace their support yearly, however, some will wish to replace more often. The supports are made of foam and batting, allowing for a more comfortable support. The tradeoff is that over time, the foam and batting compressed from our weight, will eventually lose their firmness and support.

Yes. The PolySilk® fill we use holds its loft better than down or feathers. However, it will compress over time. You can “fluff” our pillows like any other. Putting them in the dryer for 20 minutes on “Air Dry” works well. We suggest removing the cervical support before putting in the dryer. Using heat in the dryer can cause damage to the fill.

We suggest that you use a washable protective pillow cover and then remove that and wash it.

Our pillows are washable; however, the loft may increase to more than when it was new. First, remove the cervical support. Then wash with warm water on a gentle cycle being sparing with the detergent. Some of our pillows have a polyester lining that can melt in the dryer with heat. If you are going to use the dryer, dry on the lowest heat setting, or no heat air dry.

We have a product that will allow you to add cervical support to an existing pillow. We call the product Comfort Choice. Comfort Choice works best with single level pillows, pillows that are not contoured to provide some type of cervical support.


One of the most common benefits users of our Comfort Support pillows tell us about is decreased issues with their arms and hands falling asleep. We believe this is true because people often sleep on their arm to give themselves cervical support. When the pillow provides this support, you no longer need to sleep on your arm.

Relief from a kinked or stiff neck and/or tight shoulders is another one of the common benefits the users of our Comfort Support pillow have communicated to us. We believe that the cervical support allows your neck to fully relax during sleeping. In cases where you do not have the support, your neck tends to tighten up during sleep causing soreness or other discomfort in the morning.

Up to this point we have not had any users that have tried to use the pillow to help with headaches. We would love any feedback if our pillow has helped you with headaches.

We have had many users of the Comfort Support pillow that have been able to consolidate down to one pillow (or two, in one instance). We believe the cervical support provides what many people are looking for in multiple pillows. Often individuals use one pillow for their head and others to support their neck.

We believe that the cervical support in our Comfort Support pillow will provide you the support that you get from rolling up a towel. Our cervical supports are not as stiff as a towel, but they are far more comfortable and become one unit with the pillow.

Users of our Comfort Support pillow have mentioned decreased tension in the neck and shoulder area. Also, deeper sleep, which often comes with more dreams as well as less tossing and turning.

Back sleepers will find our Comfort Support pillows very comfortable. Our research and discussions with Chiropractors indicate that the best position to sleep for spine health is on our back with neck support. According to Dr. Hendricks, “The most correct sleeping position is supine (on your back) and this pillow (Comfort Support) comfortably provides cervical lordosis (proper neck curve).”

Back sleepers will find our lower loft to medium loft pillows most comfortable. Depending on your preference, either a soft or medium cervical support will work.

Side sleepers will also find our Comfort Support pillows very comfortable. The integrated neck support provides the support your neck needs in the side position helping your neck to relax and take some of the weight from your shoulders. Side sleepers normally roll from one side to the other. With Comfort Support your neck is supported before, during and after rolling over. No need to rearrange your pillows each time you change positions.

Side sleepers will find our medium to high loft most comfortable. These higher loft pillows work best with our medium or large cervical support.

Stomach sleepers will find our lower loft Comfort Support pillows very luxurious and comfortable by flipping the neck support to the top of the pillow when laying on your stomach. Then, if you are like many stomach sleepers and move to your side or back, just flip the support back down to the bottom of the pillow and get that comfortable neck support.

Most stomach sleepers prefer lower loft pillows with our soft neck support.

If you are still not sure, please contact us.